The Krehbiel Family began selling center pivot irrigation systems in the 1981 as a compliment to international agricultural consulting done by my father-in-law, Wayne Krehbiel. Those initial sales quickly developed into a dealership agreement with T-L brand irrigation systems out of Hastings, NE. At that time, Wayne and his son Jeff, and several experts from T-L custom designed each system by hand using aerial maps and a protractor and compass set often on the Krehbiel dining room table. Over the years, our design skills have advanced to include a variety of innovative advancements including laser measurements and GPS (global positioning system) tracks to insure that each system optimizes the acreage under irrigation while avoiding geographic and structural obstacles unique to each field.

In 1999, Jeff and I formed Krehbiel Farms, LLC and took over ownership of the pivot irrigation installation, sales and service business as well as the approximately 2500 acre family farming operation. A vital link connecting the Krehbiel Family’s agricultural past to the current operations; Wayne continues to play an active role, sharing his expertise with each employee as though they were family. Our Daughter, Brittany, takes pride in the fact that she will be the fifth generation of the Krehbiel Family to farm on land her great-great grandfather bartered for in 1903 when he traded a team of horses and a wagon, loaded with oats, for the original 160 acres. Our ongoing agricultural experience gives us great insight into the needs of our customers. We understand the investment made in each crop and the urgency for timely repairs when a crop is at risk.

The Southwest Center Pivots employees and the Krehbiel Family strive to provide each center pivot customer with quality products and professional service at a mutually fair price.

Karen Krehbiel,
Krehbiel Farms, LLC
Southwest Center Pivots