OK Corral

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OK Corral (OK12206-127206-2) was produced from the three-way cross, Y98-912/OK00611W//OK03716W.

Expanding back on its pedigree, Y98-912 was an advanced experimental line developed by the former WestBred soft wheat breeding program (located in Indiana) and was tested in the 2003 USDA-ARS Uniform Eastern Soft Red Winter Wheat Nursery. Y98-212 was subsequently released as a soft red winter wheat cultivar named W2-912.

OK00611W was an advanced experimental hard white line produced in the Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station (OAES) wheat breeding program that traced to a sister headrow selection of OK Bullet (PVP 200600173). Thus the pedigree of OK00611W is Jagger/KS96WGRC39.

OK03716W was an advanced hard white experimental line developed by the OAES with the pedigree, N44/OK94P455. N44 was developed at the Institute of Plant Breeding in Odessa, Ukraine and was introduced in a germplasm exchange with USDA-ARS in fall 1994. OK94P455 was developed as an experimental line in the former Pioneer hard winter wheat breeding program and was derived from Pioneer and Kansas State University experimental lines according to the expanded pedigree, W0405D/KS831957//W3416/KS831957.

Grain yield (bu/ac) in the 2019 Oklahoma Elite Trial (OET2) containing 38 experimentals and 2 check varieties

Mean (40 entries) 51 75 41 36 32 55 39 57 70
LSD (0.05) 4 12 5 6 7 7 7 5 9
Name State Goodwell
optimal N
Interm. N
25% N
Lahoma Chickasha Okmulgee
OK Corral 57 82 46 41 37 68 45 71 69
Bentley 50 72 32 30 33 57 46 63 67
Gallagher 50 77 41 36 33 43 44 48 80

Entries with shaded values are not statistically different from the highest yielding entry (among 40 entries) within a column.