No Copper Theft

Copper theft is a concern when using an electric pivot system. T-L’s hydrostatically powered pivot systems can be designed with no wire to steal, eliminating the problem. T-L irrigation systems are easier on you for a lifetime!

Copper Thieves Strike Again!

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Thieves Stole the Copper Wire from All of Our 25 Electrics, One of them Twice!

“It all started the winter of 2006-2007”, says Matt Richardville who remembers that season well. “That’s when the price of copper began rapidly rising.” More »

Copper Theft Solved and Much, Much More

Brothers Jim and John Stevens utilize ten T-L and eight electric center-pivot sprinkler systems on their 4,000-acre farm near Alledale, Illinois. Their first experience with irrigation goes back 20 years when a new piece of land came equipped with an electric pivot system… More »

When we go to start up a T-L system, it starts!

T-L pivot irrigation systems have many advantages but what makes the Carmichael brothers really keen about their T-Ls is what they don’t have: Copper wire, lots of copper wire that attracts thieves in the night like a bear to honey… More »